It’s the Pedrollo brand-new pump selector, based on the duty point you need.

User-friendly and ready-to-go: once the the type of pump (surface, submersible and so on…) has been identified, just input the required flow rate and head values, so that all matching products will be displayed

Do you want to make your selection more specific? Just use the filters and the parameters to reduce the number of results.

Then compare them with each other, to make the right choice even easier.

Once your search is over, you will be able to print a technical datasheet including selected pump data, curves, materials and sizes.

Our selector is based on the information in the catalogue and operates on single pumps at fixed speed.

The software is free and registration is not mandatory, but registered users will be benefit of extra information, which are not present in our General Catalogue.

We inform you, that you can register to the Pump Selector using the most popular social networks (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn…)

This first released is going to be constantly improved with new features, and the database will be constantly updated.

Let’s start right now:

Download pdf