4” submersible pumps

4" submersible pumps suitable for pumping clean water for many applications such as domestic supply, irrigation for greenhouses, farms and water systems for communities and pressurisation.
The hydraulic components, coupled to a high performance electric motor, make the 4SR pump extremely efficient in 4"category.
Economic savings on the use of water thanks to the high efficiency and the consequent reduced electricity consumption. The construction with floating impellers allows the pumping of water with a sand content of up to 200 gm/m3 . Installation is possible in the vertical and horizontal position.

Type: Clean Water

Utilization: domestic, civil, agriculture

Uses : irrigation pumps, washing systems, water supply systems, pressure systems, water treatment plants

typology: borehole

Family: 4” borehole

Field Performance:

  • Prevelances 432

Application Limit:

  • Temperature of the liquid to +35
  • Maximum sand content 200 g/m³
  • Immersion limit:
    – 200 m with 4PD motor
    – 300 m with 4PS motor
  • Installation:
    – vertical
    – horizontal, with the following limits: 
       4SR1 - 4SR1.5 - 4SR2 - 4SR4 up to 23 stages
       4SR6 - 4SR8  up to 17 stages
  • Starts/hour: 20 at regular intervals
  • Minimum flow rate for motor cooling 8 cm/s
  • Continuous service S1